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gettext for Win32

Updated: 2004.01.31

This is the (spartan) web page of the gettext for Win32 sourceforge site.

The official GNU gettext 0.13+ and libiconv-1.9+ are win32 ready out-of-the-box, and the GNU releases now include win32 ("woe32") binaries

Please see gnu mirrors for official releases of these GNU Free Software packages.

This site is devoted to gettext & iconv for MS-Windows, and binary releases are MS-Windows binaries. Of course, in correspondence with GNU Free Software licenses, and SourceForge Open Source rules, all source is also available here for these packages. For files go to the file release page.

Other releases may be found at:

Dynamic linking to iconv

Note that the iconv function call in libiconv stores its error, if it fails, in the stdc library's errno. iconv.dll links to msvcrt.dll, and stores the error in its exported errno symbol (this is actually a memory location with an exported accessor function). If your code does not link against msvcrt.dll, you may wish to import this accessor function specifically to get iconv failure codes. This is particularly important for Visual C++ projects, which are likely to link to msvcrtd.dll in Debug configuration, rather than msvcrt.dll. I have written a C++ wrapper for iconv use, which does this, and I will be adding it to WinMerge (on sourceforge) shortly.

It should be noted that gettext (& iconv) are available in these Windows versions solely due to the generosity of the GNU Project and its commitment to the cause of Free Software.

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